Discover Your True Identity in Christ

Discover Your True Identity in Christ

Would you like to discover your true identity in Christ?

Would you like to know who God created you to be?

Have you ever asked yourself “What is God’s purpose for my life?”

Do you base your self-worth on how well you perform, how you look, how much money you have, or other lies?

Moreover, what are the lies that you continue to believe about yourself?

My guided prayer journal Discover Your True Identity: A 52 Week Guided Prayer Journal can help you answer all those questions as you go through it and listen to God’s voice.

Finding peace in Jesus is possible when you stop believing the lies and can answer the question “what did God create me for?” You can have peace in every step when you can know God’s purpose for your life.

Discover Your True Identity a 52 week guided prayer journal
Discover Your True Identity a 52 Week Guided Prayer journal


My goal for this guided prayer journal is to help you understand who God says you are. First of all, it took me a long time to finally understand who He created me to be and to understand that my true identity has nothing to do with the labels that I wear.

Consequently, when you take your self-worth from external sources, it leads to angry outbursts, depression and the like.

If someone asks you “who are you?”, how would you answer that question? maybe tell them your name or your profession? Or, perhaps that you are a mom or dad, protestant or Catholic? To clarify, these labels just describe your name, your profession, the fact that you are a parent, or your religion. You see, they do not describe who you are deep down. They are just labels like fat or thin, rich or poor.

Who you, your true identity, is directly tied to the fact that you were created on purpose. You are not a mistake. God created you for a purpose in Jesus Christ. In addition, you are accepted and secure in Christ if you have accepted Him as your Lord and Savior.

Most importantly, unlike the world where your self-worth and identity seem to come from what kind of job you have, how much money you have in the bank, whether you are fat or thin, etc., in God’s eyes, it is reversed. So, your purpose stems from your true identity in Christ and the fact that God created you! And, He created you on purpose for a purpose!

A Guided Prayer Journal

In Discover Your True Identity: A 52 Week Guided Prayer Journal, I focus on four different subjects. Every 13 weeks the subjects change.

  • The scriptures for the first 13-week focus on “You are not an accident
  • The next 13 weeks on “You are accepted and secure in Christ“.
  • Section three- “You are significant and God has a purpose for your life“.
  • And, fourth, “What is true of Christ is true of you“.

In the beginning, I leave room for you to write down:

  • lies you have believed,
  • space for answered prayers,
  • God’s truth about who you are

Each week has four full pages with:

  • a scripture verse
  • time for reflection
  • what you have learned
  • what you are thankful for
  • prayer request
  • other notes


I pray that it will help you draw closer to God and to understand how much you are loved. Also, You don’t have to take your confidence from the world and all it’s trappings. You can have confidence in your true identity because of what was already done for you on the cross 2,000 years ago.

You are his child are s and saved by grace. Most importantly, this Christian identity guided journal will lead you through God’s Word and help you discover who you God says you really are.

Stop believing the lies and find peace and hope in Jesus.

Check out Discover Your True Identity: A 52 Week Guided Prayer Journal on Amazon. Also, if you like great devotionals, take a look at Loving Jesus: A 30 Day Devotional on My Books Page also.

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