My Heart, Christ's Home

My Heart, Christ’s Home: 100 Days of Joy and Strength in Jesus

Have you ever asked yourself, “Does God really know me?”

How about “Who did God create me to be?”

Or, “Where is God when I need Him most?”

I know I have. So did David. He spent a lot of time running for his life from King Saul. He made mistakes but loved God with all his heart. Sometimes he was asking for God’s intervention in his current circumstances while at other times he was praising God.

However, no matter how each Psalm started, they always ended with faith in God, worshiping God, and declaring His praises.

This is often what happens to me. Much of the poetry comes out of what I am dealing with at the moment whether it be depression, struggling with my identity, frustration or joy, wonder, and strength.

No matter what I am dealing with I know that I can turn to God and He will listen. He will hear my prayers.

We all have various trials and things that we deal with that can be extremely difficult.

However, if you reach out to God, He is right there waiting for you. God is with you every day even when it doesn’t feel that way. God is right in front of you ready to guide you.

He created everything including you and me. If you look and listen your eyes, ears and your heart will be opened. It says in God’s Word, “in this world we will have trouble. But take heart. I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33). However, as long as I abide in Him and take my rest and my strength in Him, I know that I can get through anything. And, so can you.

Throughout this book, I address questions such as “Does God really know me?” and “Who did God create me to be?” or “Is God really listening?”

In My Heart, Christ’s Home, there are 100 poems that matter because they address many of our questions of faith including spiritual warfare, faith, hope, worship, identity, and more.

God lives in our hearts if we ask him in. That’s why I called this book My Heart, Christ’s Home. It’s because that’s where he resides, He is just waiting for us to open up every room of our hearts and minds to His love and His healing power.

Some of the poems are free verse and others rhyme. But all are tied to a specific scripture verse.

My prayer for you, as you read this, is that this book will help draw you closer to God. Don’t be afraid to ask God the tough questions. He can take it. He loves you more than you can ever imagine.

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What Readers Are Saying

***** Very inspiring and uplifting. Verified Purchase- Cherie

This book, “My Heart, Christ’s Home: 100 Days of Joy and Strength in Jesus,” takes me on a 100-day journey to find joy and strength through a connection with Jesus. It guides me in transforming my heart into a welcoming home for Christ, offering daily reflections and insights to nurture your spiritual well-being. I loved the Scripture choices. Very encouraging. Highly recommended for those desiring a deeper walk with Christ.

 ***** Fundamental read to your faith – Verified Purchase- William Choi

Great book for all Christians. Life is tough for everyone in their own way. It’s hard to seek God through all the struggles you may be going through. This book helps you find your way back. Loved how elegantly the poems were written. It’s like reading a modern version of Psalms. Loved all the imagery and analogies. Highly recommend!

***** Building a Foundation on the Word of God. Verified Purchase- KK

This book builds, and the contents will reach new believers, as well as mature believers. I enjoyed the author allowing me into her musings and reflections on the word of God. My favorite days are: The One in Heaven, Gifts, The Rose, and of course, Jesus is the Reason.

***** Highly recommend. Verified Purchase- Kate Hudson Hall.

This is a heartfelt collection of Christian poetry that resonates with authenticity and addresses the universal questions we often grapple with in our faith journey. The author, much like David in the Psalms, navigates the complexities of life, including struggles with identity, moments of joy, and challenges that test our faith. Through the 100 poems, readers embark on a contemplative journey that tackles tough questions about God’s knowledge of us, His plans for our lives, and the assurance that He is always listening.

The strength of this book lies in its ability to connect the personal experiences of the author with profound spiritual truths. Each poem is a reflection of the author’s journey through depression, frustration, and moments of wonder, ultimately leading to a place of worship and faith. The collection is a testament to the transformative power of turning to God, acknowledging His presence in our hearts, and finding solace in His love and healing power. With its blend of free verse and rhyming poems tied to scripture verses, “My Heart, Christ’s Home” offers a rich tapestry of inspiration that invites readers to open every room of their hearts and minds to God’s transformative love and righteousness. It’s not just a book; it’s a guide that draws readers closer to God, encouraging them to ask the tough questions and experience the depth of God’s boundless love.- Kate Hudson Hall

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