One Year of Daily Creative Writing Prompts

One Year of Daily Creative Writing Prompts: Over 1,000 Creative Writing Prompts

How about One Year of Daily Creative Writing Prompts to help you with next project?

Are you looking for your next great idea for a short story, novel, journal entry, or essay?
Does writers block get in your way?
Would you like to write better and think clearer?
Do you struggle with making your characters real and three-dimensional?

Well, ignite your imagination and start writing with One Year of Daily Creative Writing Prompts with FREE BONUS PDF Overcome Writers Barriers & 7 Key Elements of Story Structure inside.
Get the juices flowing with over 1000 fun writing prompts.

Writers know how important it is to have great ideas to write great stories. With everything from clean romance writing prompts to Christian Fiction writing prompts, thriller genre writing prompts and children’s fiction. You will never be at a loss for ideas. You will write quicker, write better and think clearer by having a great starting point.

Having an effective writer’s block tool and writer’s block activities are essential. This book will stir the imagination and help you get started writing again. Never struggle with the blank page again no matter what kind of writing you enjoy.

Make the characters in your story more real and three-dimensional by using your own life experiences, thoughts, and beliefs as inspiration for your stories with the self-discovery writing prompts.

Each Day Of The Year Has Three Different Writing Prompts:

  • Start the day with quick one-word writing prompts.
    • These one-word prompts are great to ignite your imagination
  • Self discovery writing prompts– writing prompts to know yourself better.
    • delve deep into your own life and find inspiration for your own writing projects.
  • Use Genre Prompts to write in any of 10 different Genres

Additional Book Details:

  • FREE BONUS PDF Overcome Writers Barriers & 7 Key Elements of Story Structure
  • Over 1000 fun writing prompts
  • Over 400 pages
  • 6: x 9″
  • Three Writing Prompts per day for one full year
  • Master list of all prompts organized by type
  • One-Word Prompts
  • Self-Discovery Prompts
  • Genre Prompts in 10 different genres
    • Action-Adventure
    • Children’s Fiction
    • Christian Fiction
    • Comedy
    • Fantasy
    • Mystery
    • Romance
    • Science Fiction
    • Thriller
    • Western

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