“I Am Not Good Enough” is Only One of the Lies

I Am Not Good Enough is Only One of the Lies We Tell Ourselves

“I am not good enough” is only one of the lies we tell ourselves. Moreover, this is what I told myself most of my life along with other lies like “You’re not good enough”, “You’ll never amount to anything”, “You’re too fat”, “You’re not pretty enough”, and the like.

What Lies Do You Tell Yourself?

I guess the point that I’m trying to make is that these are lies. So, why did I continue to believe them even though I was a Christian? Because I was always seeking the approval of other people and trying to measure up to standards that are impossible to meet. Consequently, I was looking in all the wrong places to understand who I am. And, I was basing my sense of self-worth on the wrong things.

These kinds of lies led to false belief systems about who I was leading to outbursts of anger and depression. It affected the opportunities I saw and which ones I would take hold of. Also, it led me to feel afraid much of my life of all kinds of things.

Take a moment or two to ask yourself, what are the lies that you’ve believed about yourself? Whose approval are you seeking?

I See the Light

I’ve mentioned it before, but one of the things that really opened my eyes was reading a book by Neil Anderson called “Victory Over Darkness”. That’s one of the resources that God used to show me that I do, indeed, have an identity that isn’t based on lies, the world, a job, or any other external factors. I had never even thought about that before.

favorite books
Victory Over Darkness Study Guide by Neil T. Anderson

In God’s eyes, you are of infinite worth. Truly, He loved you so much that He died for you. Jesus restored our relationship with Father God which was broken in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve first sinned. All we have to do is believe and accept Him into our hearts.

Most importantly, His light is able to pierce any darkness so hold onto it.

Comparing Lies We Believe with God’s Truth

Below take a look at some common lies we believe and then what God’s Word says.


No One loves me

I am not good enough

I was an accident

I have to be perfect

You are weak

I don’t belong

I have no purpose


God loves me unconditionally – John 3:16-17

We are forgiven – Psalm 86:5

You were created on purpose – Psalm 139:13-16

I am being perfected in Christ Jesus – Hebrews 10:14

In Christ,you are made strong – Joshua 1:9

I do belong to God- Romans 14:8

God has a purpose for me – 2 Timothy1:6-11


For every lie we believe like “I am not good enough”, God says something different in His Word. Therefore, I encourage you to look at your own life to see what lies you’ve been believing and then compare it to God’s Word. God accepts us and we are secure in Jesus Christ, He loves us unconditionally and has a purpose for our lives. Hold on to the hope.

To find out more about who God created you to be, check out my guided prayer journal “Discover Your True Identity: A 52 Week Guided Prayer Journal”.

Discover Your True Identity a 52 week guided prayer journal
Discover Your True Identity a 52 Week Guided Prayer journal

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