Jesus is the Foundation

Jesus is the foundation

Jesus is the foundation for understanding who you are in Christ and who God created you to be. You see, it all starts with Him. When Jesus died on the cross for our sins, He bridged the gap between God Almighty and human beings. A relationship that was broken when Adam and Eve first sinned.

Unconditional Love

John 3:16-17MEV says:

Jesus is the Foundation
John 3:16-17

It is through Jesus that we are forgiven for our every sin when we accept Him into our hearts. We can’t earn His forgiveness. Although God gave up His only son for us, all we have to do is accept it. What a priceless gift!

Who We Are

If we don’t understand who we belong to and why God created us, how can we truly know who we really are? God’s Word is true. When we accept His forgiveness for ourselves our sins are wiped clean.

Additionally, when you accept him into your heart, you also become his child as well. This means, in part, that we don’t have to take our identity from a job, other people, or any other lies. We can’t earn His love. It is freely given.

Created For a Purpose

God’s love is unconditional and He has a purpose for our lives. However, it all begins with Him. Jesus is the foundation for everything else that God wants to do in your life. He created us on purpose, for a purpose

Jeremiah 29:11 MEV says:

Jesus is the Foundation
Jeremiah 29:11

A book I am currently reading by Matt Tommey called “Unlocking the Heart of the Artist” is a great book to help you discover your own purpose in Christ. It will take you through identifying the lies you’ve believed to learning to work with God in every part of your life.

favorite books
“Unlocking the Heart of the Artist” by Matt Tommey


When I keep my eyes on Him and take time to be with Him in His word, in prayer, and in praise and worship, I am able to stay strong and remember who I am. However, when I start to look to myself and do things in my own strength, that’s when I fail. I know that I am secure and deeply loved and can live a life of purpose when I remember that Jesus is the Foundation and seek Him out daily.

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