My Heart, Christ’s Home- Now Available

My Heart, Christ's Home Now Available

My latest book, My Heart, Christ’s Home: 100 Days of Joy and Strength in Jesus, is now available. The Kindle version is $2.99 and paperback and hardcover versions are also available.

We All Have Troubles

We all ask ourselves and God God questions like:

  • “Who did God create me to be?”
  • “Does God care about me?”
  • “How can God allow this to happen

God Is Waiting For You

Throughout our lives we all go through many different kinds of trials including fear, loss, grief, financial problems and more.

We doubt ourselves and try to hide who we really are from friends and loved ones, coworkers and the people we come across every day. Sometimes, we even try to hide our thoughts and things we’ve done from ourselves and tuck those “bad” parts of ourselves away in a dark closet somewhere.

My Heart, Christ's Home
My Heart, Christ’s Home: 100 Days of Joy and Strength in Jesus

However, God sees all and knows all. He wants to forgive you and cleanse you. He wants to heal you in every way.

What often happens though is that we accept His gift of salvation and that’s where it ends. We don’t really pursue the actual relationship that God wants with us. Life gets busy, we have schedules to keep and things to do but never take to time to just BE with God and listen to Him.

How often do you take time to have a conversation with God? He’s waiting.

That’s what My Heart, Christ’s Home is all about. It is me, asking God all those questions of life that we all face. Each poem is a moment in time with God sort of like the Psalms of David.

He Wants Access To Your Whole Heart

David faced all kinds of trials, committed many sins, but confessed them to God and continued to have faith in Him. He worshipped God and praised Him with all his heart. None of us are perfect. We all sin and fall short.

However, God wants access to every part of our hearts- the living room and kitchen, our bedroom, our workplace and all of those hidden things in dark closets. He wants to bring light to all those rooms and heal us.

My Heart, Christ’s Home

My Heart, Christ’s Home is a collection of 100 poems and the scriptures they were based on. There are poems of joy and strength, spiritual warfare, knowing who God created us to be and so much more. Some poems rhyme and others are free verse.

As I take time to invite Him in to all those different rooms of my heart, he heals me and brings me peace. God shows me who He created me to be. He fills my heart with joy and strength and purpose.

The Lord can do the same for you as well.

Order It Here

My prayer is that My Heart, Christ’s Home will be a resource for you that will help you in your walk with God and life-long journey of faith.

You can order it here. Paperback and Hardback versions are also available and would make great gifts for yourself or your loves ones.

You can get more information by clicking here. Also, you can check out my other books on My Books Page.

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