Christmas Gifts From The Heart

Christmas Gifts From the Heart

With Christmas just around the corner, I started thinking about how important it is to give gifts from the heart instead of trying to impress other with the gifts we give them, outspend them, or try to satisfy every item on our children’s wish list.

I don’t know about you, but I find it very easy to get caught up in finding the “perfect gift” for friends and loved ,ones forgetting that gifts from the heart are the most meaningful. It isn’t about how much we spend, but how much love we share during this time of year and all throughout the year.

To summarize 1 Corinthians 13, without love nothing else matters. No matter how much you give if you don’t do it with love, it doesn’t matter. It’s all about motives.

gifts from the heart

Gifts From the Heart

There are many gifts from the heart that don’t cost anything or very little but mean a whole lot to the recipient.


Time is a resource that we never get back. Spend time with someone you love just talking or listening and showing you care. Go for a walk or a bike ride or do something fun. In the end, it isn’t the things we have that we remember as we age, it’s the experiences and the love we shared.

Acts of Kindness

Do something for someone else. Cook a dish for a neighbor. Weed or mow their yard. Perhaps you could visit an elderly resident in a nursing home that has no one. Your imagination is the only limit.

These acts of kindness may seem like nothing to you, but to the recipient they mean a whole lot.

Make Something

Many times, handmade gifts mean the most.

Can you draw or paint? Can you write? Do you love arts and crafts? Can you cook or bake?

If you are lacking for ideas, just head to Pinterest. I get lots of ideas from there.


Gifts from the heart can take many forms. These are only a few. Those things that are done out of love are the things that will last. Everything else will pass away.

So, what kind of Christmas gifts from the heart can you share this Christmas season?

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