Do You Enjoy Great Devotions?

I love great devotions and I love to find new ways to learn about and study the Word of God. It is life-giving. When we go through hard times, we have a tendency to look everywhere else but the Word of God. At least, I know I do. However, devotions can help guide us back to the Bible to get the wisdom and comfort we need.
Take a look below for some of my devotions. If you have any questions or comments, visit my CONTACT ME page and fill out the form or email me. I would love to hear from you.
Also, if you look below, you will find a selection of devotional books that I have written. I hope you enjoy.

just listen for his still small voice

Just Listen For His Still Small Voice

It’s more important than ever to listen for God’s still small voice. As we start
Are You Like Joshua and Caleb

Are You Like Joshua and Caleb in the Bible?

Are You Like Joshua and Caleb in the Bible? Which report will you give? Right
christian testimony

What’s Your Christian Testimony of Faith?

What is your Christian testimony? We all have one and can use it to be
Do You Have a Healthy Spirit?

Do You Have a Healthy Spirit?

Do you have a healthy spirit? What do I mean by that? This is part
What is a Healthy Mind?

What is a Healthy Mind?

Today’s devotion explores the question “what is a healthy mind?”. It is part 2 of
You are a temple of the holy spirit

You Are A Temple of the Holy Spirit!

Today’s devotion, entitled “You are a Temple of the Holy Spirit”,  is part of a three
enlarge the place of your tent

What’s More Important – the Journey or the Destination?

Have you ever wondered what’s more important- the journey or the destination? My husband, John,
learn to lead

We Have To Learn To Lead

We all need to learn to lead. God calls us all to be kings and
I'm a child of God

I’m A Child of God and So Are You!

I’m a Child of God is a poem I wrote a little while back for
do you have a solid foundation in your life

Do You Have A Solid Foundation For Your Life?

Do you have a solid foundation? Maybe your wondering what I mean by that. Let
what does it mean to be free

What Does It Mean To Be Free?

“The Sound of Freedom” movie starring Jim Caviezel opens this week. Because of that I
20 Bible Verses on Identity and Purpose 2

20 Bible Verses on Identity and Purpose

There are many Bible verses on identity and purpose that can help you to understand
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