Enlarge the Place of Your Tent

enlarge the place of your tent

What exactly does it mean in Isaiah 54:2 when it says “Enlarge the place of your tent”? For my husband and I, this has always been a very special verse. It is one that the Lord gave my husband, for me, when we first met.

enlarge the place of your tent, isaiah 54:2
Enlarge the Place of Your Tent Isaiah 54:2

My Interpretation

For me, this verse is all about enlarging my vision and going deeper in my relationship with the Lord. By inviting the Lord into every part of my life, spending time in His Word, praise and worship, and prayer, my roots will go deeper in Him. He will help me to grow and bring new and exciting things into my life.

When I listen to that still small voice, he leads me and instructs me in the way I should go. Then, I can go forward in faith, enlarging my vision, opening up my heart and mind to all that He has for me.

Poem- Enlarge the Place of Your Tent

"Enlarge the place of your tent."
Open wide the gates.
Stretch, challenge, Listen.
Holy Spirit come in.
Let's do this together.
One step toward you
And one step toward me.
Hand in hand we walk
Doing life together.
Steps of faith
Outside my comfort zone.
Flying on Eagles wings
As you lead me,
Stretch me,
Help me to grow -
Becoming all that you
Created me to be.
With you not for you.
Loving and praising you
With all my heart and all my mind.
May my life be a symphony
Of your glory
Working through me
By Patricia Adderley


God has great plans for our lives. If we aren’t ready for them and aren’t deeply rooted in Him, then he can’t work. He’s not looking for perfect people. He’s just looking for those who are willing to say “yes”. We have to be willing to surrender our own will to his, trusting that he knows best. As you trust Him and go deeper in your relationship with the Lord, He will “enlarge the place of your tent” as well.

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