I’m A Child of God and So Are You!

I'm a child of God

I’m a Child of God‘ is a poem I wrote a little while back for my book My Heart, Christ’s Home: 100 Days of Joy and Strength in Jesus. Also, it’s a reminder to me that God loves me no matter what I’ve done and no matter what I am going through.

It is based on Psalm 139: 13-15.

I’m A Child of God and So Are You!
Psalms 139:13-15

God Chose To Create Us

God chose to create me and he chose to create you as well. Moreover, nothing about me is an accident. From the color of my hair to the time and place I was born, He designed me on purpose for a purpose.

Additionally, He knew who my parents would be. All the things I love to do including writing, acting, art and more were planted in my heart before I was even born. And, He has a plan for me. He wants us to use the skills, talents and gifts that He blessed us with for His purpose.

You are not an accident either! Everything about you was planned by God for a reason. You are also a Child of God. And, He loves you more than either of us could ever see or imagine.

I’m a Child of God

I'm a child of God
Daughter of the Most High
A Princess in His Kingdom
Created to fly
Adopted by faith
Received by grace
Created for His purpose
Unique in every way.
Loved, forgiven
Chosen to share His light
Called by the Father
Who gives me strength to fight
I have a heavenly home
Am beloved by my Groom
I'm the bride of Christ
And I'm going home soon
Purified through His blood
Redeemed through His sacrifice
Made holy for an eternity
Reigning with my King.
Patricia Adderley

Because of Jesus I Am A Child Of God

Jesus paid the ultimate price so that we could be reconciled with the Father. Most importantly, I am a child of God because He sacrificed himself in order to pay for our sins once and for all.

No matter how badly you think you have sinned or ever will sin, the price has already been paid. All you have to do is receive it. It is a gift of grace through faith in the saving blood of Jesus Christ.

For example, when our parents give us gifts, we accept them with joy and gladness. How much more so, should we accept the gift of our Father- eternal life in heaven with Him.

I’m A Child Of God Yes I Am!

So , now when I get down, make mistakes or am facing a trial of some kind, I will remind myself of what God says about who I am! I am a child of God yes I Am! And, so are you! Moreover, no matter what the world says or what anyone else says, we are God’s children and have a home in heaven.

Take time to be with the Lord. Let Him speak to your heart. You can trust Him with all of your burdens and He has all the answers you seek.

Additionally, today’s devotion is only one sample from my latest book My Heart, Christ’s Home where you will find 100 days of inspirational poetry and scripture.

My Heart, Christ's Home
My Heart, Christ’s Home: 100 Days of Joy and Strength in Jesus

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