In My Opinion of Ted Dekker

In My Opinion of Ted Dekker

In my opinion, Ted Dekker is one of the best Christian fiction authors today. His books always keep me riveted. I have never read a book by Ted Dekker that I didn’t like. More than that, though, he always weaves some sort of biblical truth woven into his stories.

This is especially true of his series- Beyond the Circle. The first book is The 49th Mystic came out in May 2018 and the second book, Rise of the Mystics,   was published in October 2018.


Ted Dekker’s Beyond the Circle series follows up his four-book Circle Series- Red, Green, Black, and White. It followed the story of Thomas Hunter. After a bullet grazes his head, Thomas Hunter finds himself waking up in a different world whenever he falls asleep. Every choice he makes affects both worlds.

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The Complete Circle Series by Ted Dekker


The story finds a young blind girl named Rachael is able to live in two worlds at the same time after surgery to restore her vision goes wrong.

When she sleeps in one world, she awakes in the other and vice versa. What happens to her in one world also manifests itself in the other.

She is the one prophesied about who must find five seals in order to save both worlds from disaster.

My Experience

I listened to the first book on audible and read the second book on Kindle and both books kept me riveted from page one. It not only entertained me, but I felt myself going on my own journey of faith like Rachael.

the 49th mystic Ted Dekker
The 49th Mystic by Ted Dekker
Rise of the Mystics Ted Dekker
Rise of the Mystics by Ted Dekker

As Rachael searched for each seal and drew closer to God, I would do the same. Trying to answer the clue to each seal in my own heart, I felt myself drawing closer and closer to God.

As Rachael progresses in her quest, she learns who she truly is. At the same time, I found myself hearing God on a deeper level. I got more than a glimpse of who He created me to be and how very much He loves us all.


The Story concludes in Rise of the Mystics. So If you decide to read the first book, you will need to read the second book to see how everything turns out.

So, in my opinion, if you love great fiction with a little fantasy thrown into the mix, you will love the Beyond the Circle Series. It is insightful and filled with biblical truth that will help you reevaluate your own identity in Christ.

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