Renew Your Mind- How to Overcome Depression

Renew your mind- how to overcome depression

What does it mean to renew your mind as it says in the Bible? It means that we need to start seeing ourselves and our lives from God’s perspective rather than the world’s perspective. When we base our value and identity on false belief systems it can lead to all kinds of problems. When we begin to see ourselves as God sees us, it is life-changing.

Renew Your Mind

It says in Romans 12:2 NIV:

Renew Your Mind- How To Overcome Depression
Romans 12:2 NIV

God wants us to renew our minds with His Word. He wants us to see ourselves the way He sees us as His beloved children.

My False Belief System

I let my value and self-worth affect my whole life. Because I was always trying to earn approval from others and based my value on how well I performed, I was constantly let down.

It led to outbursts of anger, severe depression, feeling of being criticized. I would misinterpret what other people were saying and the like.

When my eyes were opened to who I truly was in Christ, who God created me to be and what Jesus did for me on the cross, that began to change.

Who God Says I Am

It was a book by Neil Anderson called “Victory Over Darkness” that began to change my perspective. I know I’ve mentioned this book before, but it really did show me how wrong I was and that I was not a mistake.

According to God’s Word, I am accepted and secure in Christ. I am significant and I have a purpose. And, you are too.

favorite books
Victory Over Darkness by Neil T. Anderson
favorite books
Victory Over Darkness Study Guide by Neil T. Anderson

A Mind Hack

I recently learned about a mind hack that has helped me to renew my mind and it can help you to renew your mind as well. It’s easy to beat yourself up when you make a mistake or sin in some way.

However, rather than getting down on yourself, instead, ask yourself the question-

“Is this a character defect? Or, is it a process problem? Is there something you can change?”

Then, ask yourself, “What if I can do that? What if I could succeed at that?” rather than telling yourself “What if I can’t do that? What if I fail?” You fill in the blank with whatever that is. Be positive and turn the tables on your negative thoughts. Let yourself dream about the possibilities.


It seems simple, but if you’ve been locked in negative thought patterns like I was, it wasn’t even something I thought of. It seems like a simple solution but when you are changing lifelong habits or the way you think and react to things, it may take some practice.

This mind hack has been a great way for me to begin to renew my mind and I believe that it can be a great way for you to start to renew your mind as well.

For more information on understanding your true identity in Christ, check out my guided prayer journal called “Discover Your True Identity: A 52 Week Guided Prayer Journal”.

Discover Your True Identity a 52 week guided prayer journal
Discover Your True Identity a 52 Week Guided Prayer journal

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